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Personal Work - Invisible Strangled



Watercolour painting

I've finished "Invisible strangle" before my solo backpack trip in 2018. I was stressed by everything from my life, towards relationships and people. It feels more like unexplainable suffocation without any physical strangle on my neck. It's almost impossible to recall the exact same feelings at that exact moment. That's why we always have the desire to try something we have tried or taste again something we have tasted.

《勒》是我2018年在獨自出發去旅行前完成的一幅畫作, 面對不同的人不同的關係,生活上積壓了各式各樣的壓力,是一種說不出的窒息感,明明背後沒有任何的一股物理存在的力在勒著我的脖子,但偏偏就是做甚麼事情也不太順心。現在也好像想不太來當時的感覺了,感覺大概就是這樣,永遠也沒法重新再感受一次,如味蕾一樣,吃過的味道永遠也沒有辦法準確地重組,所以永遠也會有想再吃過的慾望。